Ekmekçioglu Harman Tuğla


In 1970, 20 acres of land on the total covered area of 3000 m2 were established as our company, approaching half a century experience and customer satisfaction achieved with our policy section (from a machine) blends brick, and various sizes and different types of restoration in the production of bricks are serving. Thousands of years in every phase of human life is a healthy gain of material sought is a material part of bricks today. Whether products are made with traditional methods, the running time Anadolu'muzda thousands of years of culture today is a continuation of that.


With traditional methods of production: quality of brick can be best selected and the raw material mixture, irrigation, recreation, chewing and fermentation process through clay (soil), ready to cut income and brick cutting processes manually is poured into molds are made, after the drying process is baked.


Brick Restoration is our business, historical buildings to be used for restoration work in the desired shape and size restore (elkesme) produce bricks. We made do with handmade bricks are just variations, pruning without damaging the texture of historical works, makes it possible to do restoration.


Of the products we produce include: Harman brick, decorated bricks, brick minaret, daggers, belt, lock, base, wedges, vault, şeşhane (hexagonal) bricks and such as many types and varieties in our inventory of some already are. Production of uses: bread ovens, oven Hoffman, underground electric cable over my blanket, restoration of all historical monuments, construction of water in your printing, military ammunition depots and can be used in many areas, such as shelters. Products 800 to 900 degree is cooked. According to demand of our products, pallets, bulk and knees as we offer our customers.


Why hand cut bricks: Traditional methods of cutting the hand of thousands of years to find the life of the bricks. Today, Ephesus, and many other ancient cities Phasaelis (han, hamam, mosque, madrasa) in 2000 to 3000 annual bricks nice earthquakes and natural disasters, to see still stands in perfect health. This is because the air inside the mud brick is cut taken in the event of material that expansion does not freeze in winter. But today, in the mud brick machine this winter's weather is being equipped with vacuum to the material expansion can crack. Shows the same event itself dayanıklılıktada heat. El sector where the brick is not possible to keep the machine cut bricks. The simplest example of this self-evident in today's earthquake show. Earthquake-resistant brick with brick in hand cut can say.